Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Importance of Exercise After Rehab

You’re back from alcohol rehab.  You’re no longer drinking, and you’ve built a strong support system for yourself.  You’re trying to eat healthier.  You’ve walked away from your old drinking buddies at the bar.  And you’ve surrounded yourself with sober friends, who think long-term recovery is an awesome goal.

You’ve worked hard to create a healthier, sober lifestyle.  But you haven’t been able to stick to a weekly exercise regime.

Regular exercise is something you know you need to do.  It reduces cravings and helps your brain heal faster from the effects of addiction.  But your career is demanding, and you’re a busy woman.  Who has the time for exercise?  Not you. 

Yes, you do!  For an exercise program to work, it can’t be another task you “add” to your busy life.  That would be impossible and unhealthy.  Instead, an exercise program must complement your schedule. 

What do I mean?  Roll out an exercise mat in the kitchen and do thirty minutes of yoga stretches while dinner is cooking in the oven.  Buy a stationary bike or exercise machine.  Place it in front of the TV and workout while you’re watching the evening news or your favorite sitcom. 

If your exercise program complements your lifestyle, you’ll stick with it.  A win/win for your body, brain, and long-term recovery goals.

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