Comments from Clients

“LOVE the book!  As I was reading it in bed last night, I was in tears, and my heart was so full of joy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I want you to know I brag about you all the time.  Every time someone congratulates me on the book I say I have to give full credit to my ghostwriter (YOU!!).  Sending you love and light, sweet lady.  In my life I have seldom met a person as supportive as you.  You have restored my faith in people and in faith!!”  (S.B.)

“Once again, you nailed it!  So so good!!!!  What would I do without you?  I really love working with you!!  Thanks a million!”  (S.S.)

“Thanks, Laura, for such beautiful words!”  (A.K.)

“Oh my God!!!  Hiring you is one of the best investments I’ve made this year.  Who referred you to me.  I’ve got to kiss that woman!”  (C.G.)

“The depth of your writing never disappoints me.”  (D.T.)

"Laura, you are amazing...absolutely amazing.  You really are a blessing to me."  (A.B.)

“Can I tell you how awesome you are?  Seriously, I love your writing!”  (K.L.)
“Absolutely wonderful...well done and thank you.” (K.P.)

“You are a good writer.  You write as if you are sitting across from your readers sharing a cuppa tea.  You create magic.”  (G.G.)

“I loved it.  Truly good.  You are a great writer.”  (W.M.)

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